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Online order

Required visa can be ordered through the online order. Please fill in all these data and especially e-mail address very carefully so we can contact you if needed.

Visa, which you are applying for

First name, surname

Maiden name

Your e-mail

Permanent address

Name and address of employment, position, phone, e-mail

Travel Insurance

Date of birth

Place of birth - if you were born in RF when and why you lost citizenship and where you emigrated



Passport number

Issued on

Valid until

Purpose of travel

Cities you are planning to visit

Accompanying children under 16 years of age (surname, first name, date of birth, permanent address)

How many times have you been in RF - last date of visit from - to

Visa valid from

Visa valid to

Type of visa
Tourist VisaBusiness VisaBusiness Visa (client has own invitation)

Method of payment-visa must be paid before the release
CashBank transfer

Sending EMS passport by mailPassport delivery by courier to the addressLeaving the passport on receptionPassport pick up in the office


Delivery of documents needed for visa
All documents required for visa application must be delivered or sent to: Pegas Tour Travel agency, Scott and Weber office center, office 401, Revoluční 724/7, 11000 Praha 1 at least one day before the expected submission of an application to the embassy. (by mail, courier, personally).

Pick-up of the documents after visa processing
Passport can be picked up at our agency in person or on behalf in the appointed day after 1 PM or passport will be returned by express mail (fee 160 CZK).

I agree with a one-time use of personal data to issue a visa.